Providing scholarship grants to children of California Department of Fish & Wildlife employees
Pat & Charles Fullerton
Thank you for your interest in seeking information about the scholarships offered by the Pat and Charles Fullerton Foundation.

The Pat and Charles Fullerton Foundation was created in the memory of Ellsworth Charles “Charlie” Fullerton, former Director of the California Fish & Game Department, (now the California Department of Fish & Wildlife) and his wife Patricia. It was their wish to provide the children of California Department of Fish & Wildlife (“Department”) employees with scholarship funds to pursue educational and career goals.

After his discharge from the Navy in World War II Ellsworth Charles, “Charlie” Fullerton began his career in law enforcement with the Los Angeles Police Department and transferred to the California State Department of Fish & Game, currently California Department of Fish & Wildlife, to take a position as a game warden in 1947. 

His years with the Department meant many moves, increased duties and rising in rank.  He was appointed Department Deputy Director by Governor Ronald Reagan and Department Director by Governor Jerry Brown in 1975.

A June 1983 housecleaning by the newly elected Governor Deukmejian left him as a consultant to the newly appointed Department Director, duties he kept until his appointment as Regional Director of the National Marine Fisheries Service by President Ronald Reagan in January 1984.

With this appointment, Charlie, had charge of Marine Fisheries operations in California, Arizona, Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest Territories.  This agency regulated commercial and sport fishing, attempts to protect and expand fisheries, reviewed Army Corps of Engineers permits for altering and filling rivers, harbors and wetlands, as well as conducting scientific research.  He continued to work closely with his former colleagues in the Fish & Game Department.

After his retirement from government service he continued to work as a consultant to future California Department of Fish & Game Directors.

In 2021, our inaugural year, the Pat & Charles Fullerton Foundation was proud to award 3 Scholarships, of significant amounts, to outstanding students. We are excited to continue this for 2022!